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Mud Studio

Beaded Pendants

Beaded Pendants

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The Mud Beaded Pendants:

These pendants are robust and expertly well made. The pendants will supply a low glow of light with a focus on where it opens.
All our beaded lights and chandeliers are strung on Stainless steel wire and are rust resistant. Therefore they are ideal for coastal living as well as outdoor use. 

Designed and inspired by artists and designers. Each pendant hanging in clusters or alone will provide a beautiful sculptural form in the day with a beautiful subtile glow at night. The mud beaded pendants use small hand rolled stoneware beads. Available in black, cream and terrecotta. All weights are estimates as all our products are handmade. 


Beaded Poppy 
L = 7,3kg / 16.1Ib
S= 4,8kg / 10.6Ib 

Beaded Vuvuzela
L = 9,8kg / 22Ib 
S = 4,1kg / 9Ib

Beaded Bottle
L = 10,5kg / 23.1Ib 
S = 4,8kg / 10.6Ib 

Beaded Pod
L = 10,4kg / 23Ib 
S = 4,5kg / 9.9Ib 

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