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Mud Studio

Mud Studio, Beaded Vases

Mud Studio, Beaded Vases

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The Beaded Vases: 

Theses huge beaded vases form a beautiful tactile sculptural form with sumptuous texture during the day, a beautiful and versatile piece of decor. Its large and robust design makes it suitable for various areas, such as dark corners or garden passages or just a sculptural form on the patio. The vase can provide ambient lighting and create a pleasant atmosphere. To enhance the visual impact, you can stack multiple beaded vases together. Grouping them allows you to achieve the best effect and create a captivating display. With sizes ranging from 2.2m to 1m in height, you have flexibility in choosing the dimensions that suit your space.

The vases are constructed with a robust steel frame, ensuring their durability and stability. They are strung on galvanized wire, which adds to their strength and resilience. The large stoneware beads used in the vase add an elegant touch and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal.
One of the notable features of these beaded vases is their ability to emit a wonderful glow at night. When used in outdoor settings with appropriate lighting, they can create a magical and enchanting ambiance. The warm glow they produce adds a beautiful and inviting element to any area.
During the day, the beaded vases offer a tactile and sculptural form. Their unique design and texture make them visually appealing even in daylight. They are specifically designed for outdoor use and can withstand various weather conditions.
the Mud beaded vase is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing decorative piece that combines functionality with visual appeal. Its large size, robust construction, and use of stoneware beads make it suitable for outdoor environments. Whether you want to create ambient lighting or add a touch of elegance to your space, these beaded vases can be a perfect choice.


XL Beaded Vase: 175kg / 385.8 Ib

L Beaded Vase: 150kg / 330.7 Ib

M Beaded Vase: 115kg / 253.5 Ib

S Beaded Vase: 90kg / 198.4 Ib

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